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Benefits Benefits Of Breadfruit Leaves For Health Or Cure

Benefits of breadfruit Leaves not inferior to Fruits  we usually only utilizes  Plants that form the fruit is similar to a durian and jackfruit is commonly used as a snack and substitute rice. The texture of the flesh of the fruit that is quitesimilar to the bread, making it get term breadfruit from the people of the West. Taste of the fruit is delicious and has a higher carbohydrate content than other tubers such as cassava and potatoes. Amazingly, the breadfruit again remains low in calories. Butdid you know that not only the fruits of breadfruit leaves, but has the benefit of notlosing?

Breadfruit Artocarpus altilis scientific has a name and is still the family Moraceae. The name "breadfruit" itself comes from the Javanese Word for "without seed", is of course the name is referring to the fruit that does not have any seeds. In the area ofSunda, Cara Tono Blog known as breadfruit arising or kulur, while in Aceh known as kulu. In some places, breadfruit was even called by the term "plant life". Let's see if the correctperception of existence.

Breadfruit is a plant that became a source of carbohydrates in the tropics, particularly in the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. Breadfruit itself comes from the archipelagoand also Papua. Recently after the tribes in this region migrate, breadfruit is spreadingto countries around Asia, and after the European colonization, the breadfruit right up to the Western world.

Breadfruit plants can live in a tropical climate and the lowlands. The area has a temperature of about 20o C to 40 ° C with high humidity and rainfall is a location thatis ideal for plants to be grown breadfruit. It is no wonder the breadfruit is grownthroughout Indonesia. Breadfruit trees grown can grow up to 30 m tall, though notmuch of a reach a height of the breadfruit. Great shape-breadfruit leaves large and pliant, almost like skin. The colour on the upper side of the leaf is shiny dark greenwhile the lower side dull and rough. When touched, the bottom leaves of breadfruithave smooth feathers

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